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About Me....

The majority of my working years have been spent as a Complex Translations Technician at Qwest Communications.

In 2002, I took an early retirement and that summer I discovered the joy of caregiving.

I took the Fundamentals of Caregiving Course and my first client was a 90 year-old gentleman. I was lead caregiver for a team that provided twenty-four hour care. I worked the day shift five or six days a week and planned his health care appointments, made up a care book for the other team members, helped with correspondence, trained team members as needed, and was the contact for emergencies that arose. The client eventually went into a skilled nursing facility where I continued to look after him and see that he was comfortable in his new home.

I continued to have other clients, but not full time so I worked with a local agency for other caregiving assignments.

In 2004 I started my own caregiving business. I am licensed with the State of Washington and also the City of Lake Forest Park, where I reside. In 2008 I became a Nursing Assistant Registered (NAR). I am insured and continue to update my knowledge of caring for others by taking classes and attending lectures.

I am very interested in making caregiving a positive experience in the lives of my clients. I am sensitive to the fact that this can be a difficult time for them.

Classes and Lectures I have attended...

2015 - "End Of Life Choices & Considerations" Presented by: Sally McLaughlin
2015 - Oral Health for Caregivers Workshop (Washington Dental Services Foundation)
2015 - "Memory Enhanced Activities, Part 1" (Institute for Professional Care Education)
2015 - Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants Self Study (Cornerstone Healthcare Training Company)
2015 - CERT Training (Community Emergency Response Team)
2014 - "Music & Memory" (Washington Pioneer Network)
2014 - "Long Term Worker Dementia Specialty Training" (Maples Consulting & Training)
2014 - "Long Term Worker Mental Health Specialty Training" (Maples Consulting & Training)
2014 - "Momentia, the New Dementia Story" (Moderated by MariGrace Becker, MSW)
2013 - "CPR AED" (American Heart Association)
2013 - "Common Chronic Diseases In The Senior Population" (aQuire Training Solutions)
2013 - "Alzheimers - Helping Families Cope - Part 1" (aQuire Training Solutions)
2013 - "Alzheimers - Helping Families Cope - Part 2" (aQuire Training Solutions)
2012 - "HIPPA For Caregivers" (aQuire Training Solutions)
2012 - "Alzheimers Activities For Special People - Part 1" (aQuire Training Solutions)
2012 - "Alzheimers Activities For Special People - Part 2" (aQuire Training Solutions)
2012 - "Infection Control" (aQuire Training Solutions)
2012 - "Eliminations and Toileting" (aQuire Training Solutions)
2012 - "Becoming A Caregiver" (aQuire Training Solutions)
2012 - "End Of Life Care" (aQuire Training Solutions)
2010 - "What To Do When Those With Dementia Don't Want Help" by Liz Taylor
2010 - "How and When to Intervene With an Aging Parent" by Liz Taylor
2010 - "Building Skills For Better Care" by Teepa Snow
2010 - "Challenging Behaviors" by Teepa Snow
2009 - "How To Communicate With Someone Who Has Dementia" by Teepa Snow
2009 - "Meaningful Activities In The Home" by Katherine Segura (Alzheimer's Association)
2009 - "Diabetes Management" by Glen Felias-Christensen BS, RN
2009 - "Learn To Relax... Naturally" by Carolyn McManus PT, MS, MA
2009 - "Stay Fit While You Sit" by Eva Montee
2008 - HIV/AIDS Education
2007 - Hospice Foundation - "Living with Grief" Seminar
2006 - Teepa Snow - "Dementia Caregiving" Workshop
2005 - "Communication Challenges" (Western Washington Chapter of Alzheimer's Association)
2005 - Northwest Hospital Geropsychiatry Lecture Series
         "Hoarding, When Collecting Goes Bad"
         "Mania and Bipolar Disorders in the Elderly"
         "The Seattle Project, An Alzheimer's Study"
2005 - Aging and Disability Services Administration
         "Caregiving - A Path to Growth and Understanding"
         "Common Challenges in Dementia"
         "Managing Medications"
         "Dealing with Difficult Personalities"
2005 - Challenges in Caregiving (Aging and Disability Services)
         "Dealing With Difficult Personalities"
         "Resistence To Personal Care"
2004 - American Red Cross - CPR/First Aid Certification
2002 - Fundamentals of Caregiving


Northend Senior Care Coalition
People Who Care Network - A consortium of caregiving business owners


2011 Alzheimers Association Memory Walk Steering Committee
Memory Walk for Alzheimers
         - 2008/2009/2010/2011 Team Captain for People Who Care Network walkers
Pension Equity Council OR/WA - Board member since 2003
Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project

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