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Client comments

"We are very lucky to have found Connie. She is dependable, efficient, professional and enjoys her work. She gives me the help and support I need in caring for my friend who is confined to a wheelchair." -Mrs B.

Here is a poem one of my clients was kind enough to share with me for my website...


Each night, a page of life
is done.
Each morning, a chance for
a new world is
Each day, a new, untouched
soul to form.
Each flower that grows, a
life is born.

We look to the future, with
wonder and sharing.
We turn to the past, for its
love and caring.
We pray for others; but can
we listen?
We stroll in the garden,
where dew drops

Our grief, put aside, by our
being needed.
Our meaning in life; is it
really heeded?
Our purpose on earth, is
surely known.
Our life blooms... as a
the seeds we have sown.

- Merlin Prell

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